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Tobacco Facts that Are Beyond Heinous

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The cultivation of tobacco has a more heinous past than most people realize. Tobacco has been grown for centuries, and to this day people smoke everything from shisha to cigars. While people are smoking, they are funding an institution that has killed billions. Unfortunately, smokers are addicts and the majority of smokers start young and have no knowledge of this information.

When America was first being colonized, tobacco was a major source of revenue, much like how cotton became. Tobacco was grown in the Midwest and was shipped to Europe and other countries in exchange for other goods and money. During this period of time, Native Americans were forced from their land, tortured killed.

After the land was obtained, colonizers enslaved African Americans (like with cotton) to tend to tobacco farms. These slaves (just like many who work on tobacco farms) became addicted to nicotine, and dried and rolled tobacco became another incentive to drive the black slaves.

Fast forwarding to the present and smoking has become a leading global health epidemic. One in five USA deaths results from tobacco. This is not including the massive debts and misery left behind. The risks from smoking can be compared to the harmful effects of lead poisoning that is why it is crucial to contact a lead removal company when you suspect the presence of lead in your home.

Currently, tobacco is cultivated in many regions of the world. Recent reports have cited that child labor is increasing in terms of tobacco cultivation; yet another terrible travesty that is happening right now. Somewhere at this moment there is a little child working for pennies to create the rich man’s stogie.

While cigarettes continue to kill and damage society, a new alternative has arisen that for some odd reason is not being embraced by public health officials. Electronic cigarettes, or vaporizers, have created a smoking alternative that tobacco executives are not happy about, so unhappy, that they have gone to new lengths to secure the death-driving cigarette market.

Electronic cigarettes are not regulated at this time, and looming taxes threaten the industry. Upon investigation (which anyone can do), one will find some interesting connections, such as lobbyists who have been funded BY the tobacco companies. Some may even prefer to find a contractor such as ABC Contracting to help with their projects.

Cigarette companies have begun labeling their starter vaporizers with worse warning labels than actual cigarettes. Simultaneously, Big Tobacco has discovered the previously thought to be non-existent predicate product. If the tobacco companies are to acquire this e-cigarette, their device will be void of the taxes that the smaller, competing companies will be offering.

Are Vaporizers and Mods just a Trend?

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There has been speculation that the VTM industry will slowly decline as analysts witness the progression of mods, coils and advanced technology. These devices require knowledge of concepts like ohms, watts, voltage, ml, nicotine, VG:PG ratios and even the laborious task of tank-filling. Even hookahsome vapers will state that the industry will decline, however, the e-cig industry will most likely make a comeback when taxes drop (recently the VTM sect has experienced more growth than the e-cig sect which together are exponentially growing, potentially taking over tobacco sales).

While cloud blowing might be a phase for some, many are die-hard and enjoy vaping in the exact same sense that adults enjoy wine, fragrances and foods. The bottom line is that people enjoy shifts from the ordinary. A fine example of this is the hookah; a timeless classic that will never fade away- because- shisha tastes good and nicotine is addicting. Zero nicotine hookah pens on the other hand, are slowly declining in sales.

Others will remain around and will continue to love vaping. Vaporizers are NOT going to phase out; too many people are finding success in the alternative. There are more than 1000 forums on Facebook alone; there is no smoke in mirrors. Just by studying the numbers and using common sense, its easy to see why vaporizers and e-cigarettes will not faze away. In all actuality, they very well could take over.

Regardless of trends and taxes, vapes are here to stay. Many vapers have stated that if taxes are to increase the prices of e-liquids and vapor hardware, they will seek the black net, order from Asia or practice DIY. The ingredients in e-liquid are extremely simple, so simple in fact, that an ordinary person can go to a convenient store, head home and mix up a batch. The only needed ingredient that poses itself as an obstacle is liquid nicotine which would be very easy to smuggle in or import. Even importing home appliances such as kitchen cabinets and hardware can be tricky. A homeowner is always best suited looking online at sites such as Bayport House Cabinet Hardware.

e-cigsThe fact is that people who start smoking don’t intend on being hooked forever; it always seems like we are strong enough to kick it. In all reality, everyone starts out thinking that way and statistics do not lie. 1 in every 5 US deaths is attributed to smoking. Smoking causes other problems other than death, like debt and familial grief. Second hand smoke harms the people and children around smokers and smoking has been associated with a lack of productivity (and a huge monetary commitment/loss).

The more anti-e-cigarette health advocates that speak against smoking are actually fueling the industry. Smokers who have friends that quit because of e-cigs decide to try them. The news is spreading, and the vape community is only continuing to expand with a company. This is as people educate themselves and read studies and information online.

Private Custom Labeling for E-Liquids the Easy and Cheap Way

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Vaping is taking the economy by storm. Thousands of vapor stores and online e-liquid distributors are finding great success in e-liquid custom labeling and vaporizer fabrication. While the market is saturated with thousands of people seeking how to start an e-liquid company, the path becomes diluted. To accommodate these vapor store owners, custom labeling and wholesale programs are available to assist new e-cig store owners looking to create their own e-liquids and make custom labels for e-juice bottles. In the e-cigarette market, establishing a brand is paramount in locking sales.

Every e-cigarette and vapor store caters to a niche of vapers. Storeowners and vapor vendors are always looking to beat the competition in terms of vaperproduct quality, revenue and increasing foot traffic. Having a unique brand secures sales distinct to that store. Wholesale custom labeling programs allow retailers to design their own graphics, logos and advertisements. These programs are set up to streamline the process of selling your own e-liquid line.

Wholesale custom labeling is popular for e-cigarette and vaporizer store owners in that these companies save vendors time and money while offering brand customization. E-cigarette vendors are able to maintain control and creative direction over their slogans, designs, graphics and inventory. Best of all, these programs have been designed to save money for storeowners. The best cheap e-liquid can be purchased and then branded and customized for that e-liquid and vapor distributor.

Prospective storeowners run into issues with China Wholesale branding as these companies speak broken English. In addition, store-owners must worry about customs, prolonged shipping times, conversations at inconvenient hours and inadequate pricing. Most custom labeling for e-liquid takes place in the USA, unless pokemon-esque graphics appeal to that store’s demographic.

girl with vaporizerBy shopping through China e-cig wholesale, vapor businesses disrupt the American economy as well as run the risk of inferior e-liquids which could contain dangerous chemicals . Custom e-juice from China can have traces of elements unregulated and can taste bad. The best custom e-liquid and e-juice branding is provided by American companies, such as BizLocal, who have translators and factory workers streamlining inventory for stores. These USA wholesale distributors create custom labels and brands for those who qualify for their vaporizer retail programs. Always look for reputable companies, such as Green Island Group.

Making a vaporizer store is all about establishing a brand. With the creative direction presented by industry experts, translators and advertisers, these USA wholesale companies bring business owners the best prices on the best e-liquids. E-cig vendors can shop confidently knowing that their unique custom labels have been fabricated and customized by wholesale representatives and sales associates who have their best interest at heart. Because the e-liquid market is competitive, it is important to go with a good vaporizer wholesale company who sells custom e-liquids and makes private labels.